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Erase the "11" & Wrinkles

We carry all 4 available neurotoxins in the U.S market: Botox





Erase deep wrinkles & add volume

We carry all the available filler lines: Juvaderm, Belotero, and Restylane. All fillers are not created equal, and are tailored according to the area where they are to be injected and the desired result. During your consultation we will discuss which one is more appropriate for the result the client is trying to achieve. 

One syringe of filler is approximately $600 dollars. Results  last on average 6-12 months, results can be seen immediately and improve with time. We do not offer permanent fillers. 


 Product Pricing


Priced per unit

 A client will require X  total amount of units.

There is a recommended range of units per target area in order to achieve desired results. . 


 Sold by the syringe.

 Even though the upfront cost might be higher, the results are certainly more long lasting and dramatic

Traditional Neurotoxin:
Botox, Xeomin and Jeuveau

Unit price: $10-12 dollars 


Although the unit price appears to be lower with Dysport, the dosing (meaning the amount used in an area) is approximately double that of traditional neurotoxins. Therefore, although it might appear like a "cheaper" alternative, the final cost is very close to that of the other three toxins


Unit price: $3-6 dollars 


FAQ: What about those ultra discounted offers?  

In the US, all neurotoxins and Fillers are sold directly from the manufacturer to licensed professionals (MD,DO, NP, PA, RN, DDS). There is only a very limited amount of distributors, these can have prices that are higher than the manufacturer.

Illegal importation of Neurotoxins and Fillers has reached an all time high, it only takes a google search to see the pretty much anyone can order products from questionable sources. Unfortunately, this practice has not limited itself to the public, but some questionable medical practices have engaged in it as well. Legitimate ultra discounted offers only likely to come from well established medical spas, that move large volumes of product, for example some MedSpa chains.  What might appear cheap, might end up being more expensive, if you require medication to dissolve the product, have an allergic reaction to a contaminant, or need surgery to remove silicone, its going to cost you a lot more in the long run. 

Average Costs of Most Common Services 


Glabella "11"s: 20-28 units 

On average for women 20-26 units of neurotoxin is needed. For men heavier dosing is needed.


Forhead: 12-20 units

Forheads require 12-20 units on average 

Forehead wrinkles cannot be treated independently from the glabellar complex. The glabellar complex supports the forehead -frontalis muscle, if good support from the glabellar complex is not achieved, the patient will end up with a "heavy forehead" and heavy eyelids. When estimating your treatment cost, understand that the cost will have to include Glabella + Forhead



Crows Feet: 12-18 units

This is a series of 3 injections on each side, each injection can be 2-3 units depending on the severity of the area affected


Marionette Lines

Due to loss of volume as we age, some people develop Marionette lines, a problem that is best corrected with fillers. 1 syringe of filler on average. 



Lips come on all shapes and sizes, and so does the artistry when it comes to using filler to do lips. The clients preference for natural looking, vs big and plump, and their natural anatomy will determine the amount of filler needed. Usually 1 syringe of filler gives satisfactory results. 


Nasolabial Folds

As we age, our faces loose volume, as a result, our cheeks are not as plump as they once were, and our faces tend to sink. This process results in Naso labial folds, a problem that is best fixed with fillers. 

1-2 filler syringes


"Bunny Lines": 6 units 

Bunny lines are usually treated with a few units of neurotoxin. Usually a treatment that is done in addition to other larger area treatments.

Usually about 6 units of neurotoxin are sufficient 


Beauty in Natural Makeup

Volume to cheeks is added via the use of cannula. Usually 1 syringe will be enough to replenish lost volume that happens due to aging. 

Perioral Wrinkles "Smoker lines"

Although you might have these and never touched a cigarette in your life, these type of fine wrinkles surrounding the mouth are best treated with filers. 1 syringe usually does the trick

Tear Troughs, Dark circles

Woman in Grey Sweater

Dark circles are a multi-faceted issue, that requires a multi-faceted approach. We use a mix of PRP, fillers and microneedling to improve their appearance 

Philtral Columns

Philtral column tend to loose definition as we age. Redefining them with filler adds a more youthful appereance 

usually done in combination with lips.