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We carry all 4 FDA approved Toxins for use in the US

Xeomin ------------------------------------ $10/unit

Jeuveau -----------------------------------$12/unit


Dysport -----------------------------------$6/unit

(requires double dosing)

Dermal Fillers

Per syringe  ----------------------------------$550-$600 


with topical Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)------$250

with topical Targeted Vitamin Cocktail ------$250


-Dark spots



Plasma Based Services

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Facial-------------$350

 Microneedling + Injected PRF + Topical PRF

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Facelift -----------$850

Mix of traditional Dermal Filler + PRF

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Hair ---------------$350

Injected PRF into scalp area to promote hair growth and/or maintain transplants

Dark Circle Package ----------------------------$599

PRF + Biofiller + Eye Refresh Peel  

(Requires 2 appointments) 

Bio-Filler - Plasma Gel --------------------------$450

Liquid Lipo - PCDC

Regular area per session ---------------------$275

Includes one of the following treatment area: arms "bat wing", inner-thigh under buttocks, back bra line or double chin. Most areas require 3-6 sessions for optimum results

Belly Liquid Lipo per session ----------------$375

Contouring of the waist, flanks and abdomen

3-5 sessions recommended for optimum results.

Chemical Peels

"On the go" "Lunch peel" -----------------------------$80

Get your skin glowing in less than 20 minutes

DSH Peel (2 step) ------------------------------------$150

targets: Dark spots, Sun damage, Hyperpigmentation

Eye Refresh Peel -------------------------------------$99

Specifically designed to target the sensitive skin around the eyes. Targets dark circles and crows feet

IV Infusions & Injectables

Metabolic Boost ----------------------------------$149


Beauty Boost --------------------------------------$149

Immunity -------------------------------------------$149

Replenish -------------------------------------------$149


PMS ------------------- ------------------------------$169

Meyers ----------------------------------------------$189


Lipo-Trim Shot -------------------------------------$25

Smooth PDO Threads 

Elevens ------------------- ------------------------------$150

Brow -----------------------------------------------------$150

Nasolabial  ----------------------------------------------$300

Marionette ---------------------------------------------$300


Chin -----------------------------------------------------$300


​Cheeks  -------------------------------------------------$300

Neck ----------------------------------------------------$300

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