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Are you wondering how much would it all cost?

Wondering how many units of toxin will you need?

We provide our estimates using modern technology


Text us to (901) 763-6355

and let us know what services you are interested in. 

 We will explain to you what pictures we need from you depending on the service. 

Once we receive the photos we will give you a reasonable estimate over the phone via text without having to come in.

When it comes to our  consultations we are certainly different than the rest, and here is why:

This is more time efficient for all parties involved. 


Allows the client to have a realistic expectations of what treatments costs

Allows the client to budget, and come in when they are ready, on their terms , which leads to a more pleasant experience. . 


We refuse be part of the old school marketing ways of the aesthetic industry - the mystery price, combined with a free in person evaluation so you can walk in the door, so then they can pressure you into buying services using high pressure time-share salesman tactics. Not our style. 

No worse feeling than coming in for a consultation and then being put on the spot being asked "do you want to go ahead and get that treatment today" "should I go ahead and book that appointment for you" - and you just realized that maybe the treatments you wanted are too much financially right now.  


Cosmetic procedures are elective, and 99% of people in this world do not have an unlimited disposable income, so they need to plan ahead

Clients  have the opportunity to shop around if they so desire to, which apparently it is a wild idea in the aesthetics world. 

We do our best to be as accurate as possible, when you come to the treatment visit, it can be a little less or a little more, however, we always refer back to the pictures sent on the evaluation and estimated pricing to make sure we stay within a reasonable range of that number and respect your budget


We kindly ask you that  you please respect the fact that  we do not change our prices based on other spas prices/promotions. A lot of factors go into pricing.  Our prices  reflect our training and experience. A novice injector will not charge the same as an experienced injector. An unlicensed illegal injector will always charge less than a properly licensed injector. Watch out for the $8 unit of botox that requires that you pay a monthly subscription.  Fake Botox coming illegally from china will always cost less than the one made in the US sold directly by the manufacturer. 

For specials follow us on instagram @metromed901

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