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Toxins & Fillers

We have accounts with all 4 manufacturers of neurotoxin and fillers in the US. If you have a brand preference we can certainly order it for you. 

A woman getting filler injection
Botox Injection
Man Getting Botox

Botox FAQ

How much Botox do I need?

Neurotoxins (AKA Botox) is sold in "units" each area of the face, requires a certain number of "units" based on the desired effect. Each area has a minimum number of units that is recommended for desired effect. Here are some examples of the 3 most commonly treated areas:


Glabella (elevens) 20-30 units 

Forehead 10-20 units

Crows Feet: 12-16 units

Feel free to contact us for your free estimate - we can evaluate you over the phone and provide you with real numbers. 


How much does it cost?

When will I see the results?

The results are not instantaneous, it takes neurotoxins 14 days on average for them to reach full effect. Your wrinkles will disappear gradually, during this time period, its important to understand the toxin might activate asymetrically, therefore some areas of the face might show more improvement than others during this time, however, it will all even out

Will I look frozen?

Botox relaxes the muscles it is injected too (opposite to common belief that it "freezes" them) the relaxation will prevent you from doing repetitive movements that cause wrinkles to appear in the first place. How "frozen" one is depends on the amount of units, placement and overall the injectors aesthetic sense. We prefer a more "natural look" unless otherwise requested by the patient

I saw cheaper prices at another spa

Unless it is a major spa chain, or a high volume ordering spa, be concerned when a spa offers a neurotoxin that is way below market price. In most cases, it is illegally obtained  from overseas and does not undergo any quality controls. It is also important to note that injectors will also charge based on their level of education and training. A novice injector will not charge the same as an experienced injector. 

Fillers FAQ

How much filler do I need?

Fillers are sold by the syringe. Each syringe includes 1cc - about 1 teaspoon of product. The amount needed depends on the treatment area, and the amount of volume lost. Fillers do not adhere to the same rules as botox, we do not have a "minimum" dosage needed, its based on the clients needs. 

How much does it cost?

Price on average is 550-650$ per syringe (call about our specials) - not all fillers are created the same, they are designed differently based on the area in which they are going to be used, the filler used to plump lips is not the same one we use to enhance cheeks for example

I'm scared to look overdone...

Again, this is more based on the injectors sense of aesthetic as well as the clients. Don't be scared by what you see in the magazines - the reality is that 98% of people that have filler, achieve natural looking results. 

Xeomin 11/unit 

Jeuveau 13/unit

Botox 14/unit

Dysport 5/unit (requires double dosage compares to traditional toxins) 

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