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How it started

Meet Gloria Bird,  FNP-C, the nurse practitioner behind MetroMed Aesthetics. Originally from Uruguay, South America, she moved to Memphis in 2004 to attend Christian Brothers University, from which she graduated in 2008 with a B.S in Natural Science.

In 2010 she decided to pursue her career in nursing, becoming initially an  LPN, continuing her nursing career by obtaining her RN, BSN and ultimately her MSN (Masters in Science of Nursing), with a concentration in Family Medicine from The University of Memphis in 2020 (Go tigers!). During her career, she worked in geriatrics, medical surgical oncology and cardiac units - eventually  discovered  her true passion in Labor and Delivery, where she enjoyed taking care of mothers and newborns. Once she finished her NP degree, she continued working in Obstetrics/Womens health for a local non-profit in the outpatient setting.  

 MetroMed Aesthetics 

In 2018, Gloria was invited to attend one of her first aesthetic trainings at Bartlett Medical Spa. The course was offered by  A.R.T (Aesthetic Rejuvenation Techniques). During the following years she continued to expand her Aesthetic education, completing additional training with AMET (Aesthetic Medical Educators Training), IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine), Dr Tim Pierce (UK) amongst others.

Gloria became increasingly frustrated with many business practices and deficiencies that plagued the medical aesthetics industry in her hometown. 

First, she was unable to find a place for her own aesthetics needs that offered flexible scheduling. All the local spas offering cosmetic injectables, only saw clients during regular business hours 9-5, M-F . For her, leaving in the middle of clinic hours while seeing patients, was not an option.  Many of her friends even expressed that this was an issue for them as well.

Second,  she believed the the required "in person consultation" for estimates was antiquated.  Telemedicine boomed, Dermatologists  were diagnosing via telemedicine without problem, yet nobody in the aesthetics industry offered to provide any treatment estimates using current modern technology.  

In addition, the in person consultation was part of a larger issue,  the old school marketing culture off  "I will make you come in  and then I will make the sale". Basically selling medical aesthetic procedures like  selling cars.  Gloria believed that for most common people, this selling strategy was antiquated. In her opinion spa experiences should always be stress free from all angles - they should not involve high pressure sales of any kind, and even worse, pressure clients into purchasing services they might not be able to afford. 

Third - only a few were inclusive of both genders, men are steadily entering the aesthetics arena, their needs in turn should be recognized, and they should have a place where they feel they belong as well. From feminine names and branding,  to their office set ups - a place full of pink and sparkles is not where most men are going to be attracted to go to.

After some encouragement from peers, friends, and family, she decided to start her own business, and MetroMed Aesthetics was born in 2021. The concepts behind her model are simple: upfront pricing, quick technology driven consultations,  simple scheduling, flexible hours and no hardcore sales. 

During her first year in business she worked 4 days a week full time, and saw her aesthetics patients on her 3 days off. Her different approach was proven successful, and within 1 year of opening she was able to leave her full time job to embark into aesthetics full time. 

She developed a very diverse and loyal clientele base, from local celebrities, executives, to blue collar workers. When it came to why they choose her,  one of her most loyal customers said it best:  "she is relaxed, professional , cares about her patients, and I know she wont sell me things I don't need" "she also always has a smile on her face and a terrific sense of humor". Most of Glorias clients had never received medical aesthetic treatments before. 

Hablo Español 

While networking with other local professionals in the aesthetics industry, it was brought to her attention that there were no cosmetic injectors in the Memphis area that spoke Spanish. Leading many patients to seek treatments in Miami or through illegal injectors.  Gloria is now the only bilingual Spanish-English injector in the Memphis area. She has been featured by La Prensa Latina - the mid-souths Bilingual Latino Newspaper on several occasions. 





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